Top 5 Best Free Dictionary Application for Android Phone-Download

There are many dictionary applications available for download in android market. But all of them are not useful at all. I find out some top 5 best free dictionary apps for android that’s really works great. Those dictionary help you to find out the accurate meaning of a word what you are find out.

That dictionary is free for download. It helps you in to your home office or study. Those apps are great for student. Let us find out which dictionary apps are best for you. Here I discuss about top 5 best free android dictionary apps for android phones.

a) Dictionary com: This popular web directory has a android apps version for android smartphone. It get more resource from dictionary com. There are 375000 definitions numbering and 300000 of synonyms and antonyms and other suggestions are available. You can also find those features like: spelling suggestions, Word of the Day, origin of words, audio pronunciation, voice search and home screen.

Download Dictionary Com android dictionary App now

b.) Advanced English and Thesaurus: This is one of the best free dictionary app for android. This application gives access to entries up to 140,000 and words above 1.4 million. You find this dictionary words from WordNet database, that is formulated by Princeton University’s Cognitive Science Laboratory.

Download Advanced English and Thesaurus

c) Merriam-Webster – (America’s favorite dictionary): This dictionary help you to enhance your vocabulary. This dictionary Definitions are provided from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. These apps special features are: searching synonyms, antonyms and example sentences and voice search.

Download Merriam-Webster Free dictionary Apps for Android

d) Offline Dictionaries: This free offline dictionary app for android smartphone runs in without any internet connection. When you go out for traveling or any remote area where there isn’t any internet connection that helps you for knowing definitions. This dictionary supports 40 languages for you. You can download and install it into your microsd card of your android smartphone.

Best Free Dictionary Application for Android Phone-Download

Download Free Offline Dictionaries Apps for Android

e) Free Dictionary Org: it help you for knowing definitions, pronunciations, spellings and synonyms. Special features are: Wikipedia integration, auto-suggestion and offline search. You can also search image for any word definition in google image.

Downlaod Free Dictionary Org’s Free Dictionary

I hope those dictionary help you to enrich your vocabulary. If you are a student and have a android smart phone, install any of those top 5 best free dictionary app for android and enjoy.

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