Nokia Asha 305 Review and Price

Nokia Asha 305 is one of the most popular symbean cheap phone in the market that support for installing symbean s40 application and games. You cannot get as a low cost dual sim apps supported phone in a price of Rs.4695/- in India. So it’s the best selling cheap phone in the market of India. Also you can get some free EA Games and angry birds with this phone. The most great features and pros of this phone; it’s a touch screen phone, nice looking and battery life lasting long time. Previously Nokia Lunched their another phone called Nokia Asha 300. but its not as accepted by people as 305. Let us find its tech review below:

Display: it has a 3.0 inch TFT touch screen display that support 56k colors and ~155ppi pixel densities. As a economy phone it is good.

Nokia Asha 305 Review  Price

Memory: this phone has a internal memory of only 10MB. Also you can use 64Mb ROM for your apps and games installation. You can expand your microsd card for up to 32GB. A 2GB memory card is free with this phone purchase.

Connectivity: GPRS and EDGE is also available but there is no 3g available in this phone. Bluetooth and USB for connectivity but wifi connectivity aren’t available as a inexpensive phone.

Operating System: This phone runs on Symbean S40 OS. so you can able to install nokia’s symbean software.

Camera: This camera can capture photo at 2MP. It can record VGA video at 10fps.

FM Radio: you can enjoy FM Radio with RDS.

Talk Time: this phone comes with a 1110mah battery. So you can talk up to 14 hours long.

Pros and Cons:


1. Touch screen and 3.0 inch display
2. Dual Sim
3. Application and Games enabled phone with symbean s40 OS.
4. Low cost phone.
5. Great battery life.


1. Low color supported display at 56k colors only.
2. No 3g Internet available
3. Low quality camera
4. Low internal memory and apps runs slow

Nokia Asha 305 Price in India: Rs. 4695/-
Cost in Bangladesh: tk.7,800/-

Though it has many bad sides but this phone is a stable and popular in the market Cause of Value for money phone. I like it.

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