Nokia X2 02 Review-Sound Quality-Dual SIM-Music-Features Price India

Nokia x2 02 Review: Nokia’s Latest cheap (its price is only Rs.3500/- in india) dual sim phone Nokia X2-02 is special for Dual sim and music lovers. Because this phone is designed for using multiple sim with external “Hot Swappable SIM slot” and a dedicated special music. It features expandable microsd memory card up to 32 GB, so you can store and play many mp3, video and other music files very easy.

As a low priced dual sim phone, this phone design is modern. Its Front color is Black and rear cover color is red. It has a dedicated music key button, Hot Swappable SIM slot and Hot Swap microSD slot. This dual sim phone is available in Bright Red, Dark Silver, Orange, Ocean Blue, and Violet colours. you can chose another dual sim Samsung Metro Duos C3322 design.

Hot Swap microSD Slot: you can use multiple memory card one by one with the use of “Hot Swap microSD slot” very easily. Microsd card is supported 32gb in this phone.

Nokia X2 02 Review|Sound Quality-Dual SIM Price India, Features, music phone

Hot Swappable SIM Slot: you can use many sim one by one with the help of “Hot Swappable SIM slot”. One sim stay beside onto your battery and other SIM is easy for changeable any time by Hot Swappable SIM slot. For changing any SIM card, no need to restart this phone and opening back panel cover for inserting sim card. For hot swappable sim advantage, this phone is the best dual sim phone in India now. Another cheap dual sim qwerty phone is Samsung chat 222 .

A FM Radio transmitter Phone: this phone is a cheap phone which is designed for dual sim and music. You can transmit/play your phones music on to your home radio or car radio.

Nokia X2 02 Sound Quality (Audio Quality): This phones music quality is good as a cheap phone. Loud speaker volume is loud (high). Headphone audio quality is average good. This phone is said as a music phone dual sim phone. But basically this phones sound is very clear but there is no mega bass or any types of active or passive bass boost system isn’t available on this phone. So, music lovers can’t satisfied with this phones music quality. You need to listen this phones sound quality before buying this phone.

Call recorder advantage: Call recorder software is built in at this phone. So you can record your loving talking moment with this cheap phone.

Nokia X2 02 Pros and Cons:

  • What’s good/advantage as a cheap Music phone: Streo Fm radio with built in Fm antenna and FM recording (low priced phone has mono FM radio and no antenna). Very clear sound quality. Good battery life for listen music.
  • Hot Swappable SIM slot
  • Hot Swappable Microsd card that support 32 GB memory card.Nokia X2 02 Dual Sim Price in india


  • No 3g connectivity /no 3g internet available.
  • No Supper bass or Mega bass music system as a Music phone. poor quality bass.
  • Nokia X2 02 dual sim Price in India: Rs.3500/-

    Nokia X2 02 Features and specs:

  • This phone weight is light only 93 grams.
  • Display screen is 2.2 inch.
  • GPRS and EDGE Class 12, so you can browse internet via bult in NOKIA browser. But there is no 3g opportunity available in this phone.
  • A 2 mega pixel camera can help you to take simple images. Nokia’s 2mp camera is better camera as usual china 2mp camera.
  • Dedicated Music key Button, 3.5mm audio jack for play with external device or headphone.
  • 10 MB user memory, 32 gb expandable.
  • Stereo FM radio with fm recording, built in fm antenna.
  • Battery is 1020mah Li-ion, you can talk up to 9.7 hours.
  • Call recorder options.
  • At the end of Nokia x2 02 Review: This is best dual sim mobile in mobile market with Hot Swappable SIM, Microsd card, special music store 32gb advantage and a 2 mega pixel camera. there isn’t any cons of this phone. if you shouldn’t need 3g internet, you can buy nokia’s best cheap dual sim phone. if you want to more cheap music dual sim phone, then try: SAMSUNG E2230 Review

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    1. sameer says:

      lol dude do you really know anything about music quality or not megabass haha worst sound effect ever i got sony a845 with clear bass and in 320 kbps and senheisser cx300 nokia crushes sony, great highs and mids and lol it beats my dedicated sony dap for sony ericsson music phones they are gone, worst music phones no 3.5 jack,m2 cards just great ui

    2. Vijay Bhasker Reddy CH. says:

      I bought this mobile, sound quality is not that good.

      Have lot of problems, quickly getting restarted again and again. while viewing images it is very low.

      Seems Product is released to market with out testing properly.

    3. Alangar says:

      Issues / Problems are:
      1 . Display Flickering problems even with version V10.91
      2 . MP4 /wmv/high quality videos don’t play at all. No video streaming, so no you tube video’s. Video player says file format not supported
      3 . Due to low internal memory and RAM, phone hangs sometimes. Internal 10 MB (user available), 64 MB ROM, 32 MB RAM only
      4 . No Screen saver feature (screen saver can’t be set). I think to save battery.
      5 . Top right digital clock in the screen doesn’t adjust its colour based on wallpaper, so clock is hardly seen in white based wallpaper. Really hate this.
      6 . I don’t like the clock time format: hh:ss. I expect h:ss. Unneccessary preceding Zero is irritating FOR ME !
      7 . Network signal strength for both sim’s are displayed only in the home screen view. If you remove SIM Manager option from the home screen you will not be able to see the signal strength.
      8 . No option to mark/mark all to select and delete multiple SMS. But you delete all SMS or one by one in more options in the SMS messaging menu. I like the mark/mark all option
      9 . Inconvienent volume keys, not easily is accessible.
      10 . No next or previous track key button, only play/pause in the left side of the mobile.
      11 . Music player and Radio application closes if you press End key, but can be minimized by hide option
      12 . Not so good audio headset provided: Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102. So, buy your own 3.5MM headphone.
      13 . No front Torch light, expected in entry level phone.
      14 . No LED Flash for camera. (X2-00 has flash light)
      15 . Back cover of mobile opens when dropped, could have been better tightly placed.
      16 . No USB Cable, Memory card, Driver CD supplied in India, due to cost cutting
      17 . Limited SMS writing language English and Hindi in India. Note phone language and SMS writing language or two different options.
      18 . You can’t set different ringtones for two SIM connections.
      19 . You can’t switch off or flight mode for any only one SIM
      20 . Not charging via USB even though mentioned in phone specifications as USB Chargable in Nokia official site.
      21 . No 3G or Wifi, for INR3300 or US$63, don’t expect it !
      22 . Can’t adjust brightness or contrast. X2 phones generally don’t have this feature, as this is targetted for youth.

      So you decide to buy or not !!!
      Bangalore, India

      • Upol says:

        Thanks for your valuable comment. i am previously said that, this phone isnt for music lovers (it cannot deliver high quality audio). but most of the blogger in indian blogger says that its a music phone! so if you like music, please dont buy this one low sound quality handset though you get it in a cheap price.

    4. Hi,
      I am having this phone and it’s sound quality is the worst one among it’s features. Anyways I think it is the cheapest phone coming with 32gb memory card and that is why I bought it. But now I am planning to buy any other with good sound.

      • Upol says:

        its my good luck that you are comment to my blog. thanks for making comment. give me some advice. i am trying to give perfect info about any post or smartphone.

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