Samsung Galaxy S2 Advantages and Disadvantages, Good or Bad,Review

Samsung galaxy S2 advantages and disadvantages: To Buy any phone, read the review and compare this phones price and specs review. Read the review of Samsung galaxy S2 pros and cons details below:

Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 Unlocked Phone with 8MP Camera and Touchscreen
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Samsung Galaxy S2 Advantages/ Pros:

1.Display and Design:  Its big display is amazing because of its graphics and Super Amled Plus display techonology. Super AMOLED Plus display provide you great display for gamming, playing 3d games, watching video, images. Slim and Light Weight design can make style and good to carry on and easily used by user.

2.Processing Speed:  Its 1.2ghz processor and a 1Gb DDR 2 Ram provide you best performance for gamming and apps.

3.Security:  Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, powerful encrypted hardware, apps and latest android ensure the best mobile data security.

4.Memory:  Microsd Slot can easily change any microsd card. Its internal memory is  Built in 16 GB (32768MB) and a MicroSD 32GB expandable. So you manage more data.

5.Front Camera:  The front camera of 2 mega pixel is enough.

6.Download Speed:  Samsung provide you best download speed as a smart phone: Samsung Galaxy s2 in 21mbps.

7.Amazing Browsing:  Its big display, android browser and great internet speed (21mbps) provide you best pc browsing experience in smatphone.

8. Battery Life:  Its battery life is good.

9. Camera Flash:  Front camera and a flash for rear camera.

At last i want to say about its advantage or pros, this smartphone can beat all smartphone of the market because of its great design, display, powerful hardware performance, android os, good battery life, fast internet speed and all specs of this phone is special.

Samsung galaxy S2 advantages and disadvantages, good or bad

Samsung Galaxy S2 Disadvantage/ Cons:

1. There is No dedicated hardware camera key to take photo as like a camera.

2. Though Samsung say its menus are good, but I think its menu is confusing.

3. The user interface is not user friendly as apple I phone.

4. The keyboard is small.

5. Battery life is good but not best as a smart phone.

6. Its cameras auto focuses work normal, not so well.

7.Price Compare: I think, Price is same like other smart phone. but a little affordable to others compititor.

Though there are some pros cons and disadvantage on this phone, the phone is the best phone in android market now. so you can buy this phone.

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  1. Cheap Car Blog says:

    you provide not only advantages of Samsung Galaxy S2 but also provide disadvantages. do you suggest me to buy Samsung Galaxy S2, if i need 3g supported technology phone.

  2. causbird says:

    Yes..i agree. the samsung phone interface is more difficult and not easy for dummy user

  3. SII user;) says:

    worst phone guys,cheating with 1.2ghz processor but not much gud….Hangs,poor battery backup…etc.etc

    • Upol says:

      galaxy s2 is the best phone now in smartphone market in its popularity – in my view. galaxy s2′s amloaded technology, good processor and other advantage like anybody. samsung low cost android phones price is cheap but its disadvantage more. so please buy any android phone to view its advantage, disadvantage, pros-cons and this phone user review.
      view this post and read: Samsung Galaxy Pop Cdma user review (user comment)
      thank you so much for making comment. stay close for review and prose-cons of android smartphone in: review-blogger.

  4. the best says:

    @SII user;) galaxy s2 is the best phone i have used till date it never hangs it has good battery it is better than iphone 4 and iphone 4s

  5. misslesingpipi says:

    hello guys.. so the conclude, this phone is good enough or not? please reply me,coz i’ve been looking a phone, a good one.. tq.. :)

    • Upol says:

      hi, misslesingpipi.
      thanks for your comment.

      galaxy s2 is one of the top phone in smartphone market. somebody likes apple i phone and somebody like galaxy s2 more than apple iphone. disadvantages of galaxy s2 are not so big that can decrease its reputation. this phone is a best smartphone model now. because of its perfect hardware features and all types of best specs included in this phone.

      light weight, smart looking, super amoled display, advanced networking, great camera, Next Business Experience, powerful processor for work fast and pc like browsing experience, 16GB data storage and many more.

      in my view, apple iphone and galaxy s2 is the best smartphone in smartphone market still now.

  6. Apurva says:

    Excellent phone, very fast, superb screen compared to any other smart phone I’ve seen…

  7. cherry says:

    actually im fed up with iphone4 in the sense that it always has a problem with mic. the other party cannot hear my conversation… looking for some other model….i hope galxy s2 wl be agood model… do u?

    • Upol says:

      another big problem is apple iphone 4s is its graphical interfaces, options, menu and others are the same as like old iphone. so some people fed up with new iphone. yes, galaxy s2 is the best model yet now and powered by android os for using any types of apps benefit. i am waiting for galaxy s3.

  8. syed mohamed says:

    samsung mobile using very nice..but hanging for the mobile…s2 is the best model and slim equal for the s2 mobile..

  9. sam says:

    Shld I buy galaxy s2 or Sony. xperia arc s….???

  10. nadia says:

    Hi. Between Sony Acro S and Samsung Galaxy S2, which one do you prefer?? I heard that Sony Acro S is quite slow but the camera just wow. I’m confuse. Please anyone?? Which one is better over all??

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