Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Review, Pros Cons-3g Dual Sim Android-B5512

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Review : This phone is a cheap dual sim android phone by Samsung. This phone gives you the test of all features of a smartphone. Because this smartphone has a front camera for video calling, 3g, wifi, A GPS support, QWERTY for business and bonus Dual Sim advantages. This smartphone comes with a QWERTY Keypad, Touch screen display, Wifi, 3g, front camera, 3 mp camera and other features. Samsung’s smartphone is always popular in Indian market. I think this phone will be most popular dual sim android smartphone in cheap smartphone market. Because, this smart phone’s price is only Rs. 9,990/- in India. Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Mini is another popular android phone in India. But they have no front camera and dual sim advantages.

Samsung GT-B5512 android phones Display is not so high quality as like other well priced smartphone which use amoled or other technology. This phone use TFT capacitive touchscreen 2.6 inch display which pixel density is ~179 ppi. So this phones display is good as a cheap smartphone. This phones display is not so big; another competitor of this phone, Samsung Galaxy Y s5360 and Samsung galaxy Ace usages a 3.0 inch display.

Sound Quality of this phone is average, as like Samsungs other cheap smartphones audio quality. 3.5 mm audio jack is available. So you can use a good stereo headset for good audio quality. LG optimus 2x and Htc Explorer Gives you Surround sound music quality.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Review, Pros Cons, Compare htc explorer vs

This Samsung dual sim smartphone comes with all types of good features. This smartphone support 3g, wifi, front camera for video call (I think it will be also include in skype for cheap video call). This phone gives you a fast internet access. 3g speed is HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps and support wifi hotspot.

Samsung  GT-B5512 has a 3.15MP Rear camera and a front vga camera for video calling. It supports GEO tagging. This phones video recording is also well as a cheap dual sim android phone. It can capture QVGA video at 24fps.

This phone runs on android Gingerbread OS (v2.3). This android Os isn’t latest but its good for use. If you don’t a android lover you may choose another Samsungs bada OS smartphone >>: Samsung wave y Review

Samsung GT-B5512 Internal Memory is 160 MB, 512 MB ROM for its OS and a External memory of 32 GB expandable. So internal memory isn’t a so big but usable as a android phone for apps and games in a cheap price. 512 MB ROM and RAM Size is 384 MB.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Processor is 832MHz single core. This processor is able to run fast Gingerbread android OS. This phone has no GPU. But this phones competitor HTC explorer has a good GPU for better graphics and gamming. Also this phones ram size isn’t good for better android performance. For as a cheap phone Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos low internal memory may cause hang up when this phone internal memory overloaded. Read Solution: Htc Explorer Reviews and low internal memory solution.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Battery life is poor. This phone uses a Li-Ion 1350 mAh battery. Talk time is Up to 9 hours. Another compare to another smartphone Htc Explorer battery life is good to its user review.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Pros and cons:


  • Dual Sim
  • Qwerty Keypad
  • Cheap price
  • Cheap phone but average front and rear camera with 3g support. Another competitor of this phone has no front camera. This is a best pros and advantage of this phone.
  • 3g and wifi support;
  • Samsung GT-B5512 Review-Price in India:Rs.9990/


  • Poor Battery life. For poor battery backup somebody is disappointed this phone. For buy a cheap android phone with good battery backup, you can Read: HTC explorer Review.
  • Display is small than other competitor. Samsung wave Y use 3.2 inch display.
  • No GPU (graphics processing processor) for better games and multimedia works.
  • At the end of  Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Reviews: This is a dual sim android phone specially design for India. I show this phones pros and cons. So you should buy it before reading this phones user review. If you are a android lover, I think, this phone is not suitable for its low memory and no GPU support for graphics works or gamming. I like Samsung galaxy Ace or Htc Explorer more than Galaxy Y pro Duos GT-B551.

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    1. .. says:

      Where can i Buy this mobile in india ??

      • GM KONOK says:

        You may go for any mobile market in India to buy this mobile. This mobile is available in maximum mobile sales center.

    2. Alex says:

      Does the 3.15MPx camera support AutoFocus or not?
      And what according to you should be a suitable price for a poor phone like this since it has filled every feature unsatisfactorily ?

    3. oopeea says:

      which one is better as compare to galaxy y gt sss5360

    4. rajesh says:

      10K is cheap for the writer, also dude please improve your english writing skills

      • Upol says:

        rajesh, galaxy y price is cheap for usa and canada but not in india. but when iphone, galaxy s2 is sold huge in india, i realize that it may be a cheap phone for indian.
        I will try to improve my english writing skills very soon. thanks for your suggestion. thanks for comment to you are welcome.

    5. Hello.. I heard that the NXG electronics launched a tablet pc just for Rs5490/- which has 7″ 5point capcitive screen,HDMI and USB port,
      1.5 GHz processor with Android 4.0 ICS.I am vey much impressed with this product and wanna buy it.
      Can someone please suggest me whether to buy it or not.

    6. bhargavi says:

      hmm… hi i love andriod phones and i am looking a for a mobile with querty keypad…i got to know about samsung galaxy y pro…. and i love playing games… i want to think twice befor buying and am confused… m looking for a long lasting(in terms of use) , with a good camera and can support good andriod apps(like angry birds, photoshop) ,and below therange of 11000 rs etc… any suggestions?
      will this phone suit the type of phone i want?

    7. Karen says:

      Hi, am considering this phone but I have a question, hope you can help. For example, if I use Sim 1 for calls and texts (cheaper calls & texts plan with this network), and Sim 2 for internet (cheaper mobile internet plan), can both be on at the same time? I mean, will I be able to receive both calls and texts as well as stay online on mobile internet at the same time? Or will my internet (using Sim2) get disconnected every time I get a text or call on Sim 1? Thank you very much for helping to answer my question.

    8. abhinav says:

      vary poor battery life.for drained whitin 2hrs if using wifi or inetrnet..otherwise gud

    9. Pratik r says:

      Can i tether this phone’s internet to bb playbook via bluetooth??
      Response would be appriciated.

    10. Erwin Kanipe says:

      Is the power off on the tablet or on?The SD card is in the tablet right?

      • Upol says:

        2 GB microsd card is included (free) with each phone buy. microsd card can be expand to 32gb. thank so so much for making comment.

    11. bruno says:

      im thinking on buying this phone! i would like to know if i can upgrade de Os version of this android to a new version?
      secondly…knowing that it has low space memory, can i continue instaling apps after the space is full on the micro sd card? or just can be instaled on the internal memory as htc chacha that im currently using it!
      plz answer this simple question in order fo meto know if a will buy or not! thnks

    12. bruno says:

      need to know also about the sim one and two features…im reading on other reviews that when u are in a call in one sim the other one goes dead…no upcoming calls\ not even msg. is it true? if its tru will upgrading the os solve the issue? couse if not, cant be called pros duos!

    13. ravi says:

      is the phone worth its price considering all the applications it has.mainly
      1. is the battery life good ,if max usage os phone and no internet
      2. does the gps work good
      3. whether the quality of touch screen has been compromised as compared to the other full touch phones

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