Samsung Wave Y Review, Features, Price India, Pros Cons

Samsung Wave Y Review, features, pros cons, price India: This is a newly released popular phone in India. This phone advantage features are bada v2.0 operating system, 832 mhz processor, 2MP camera, hi speed internet, good battery life, A GPS and best light weight smartphone. Price is a little big as this phones hardware specs, in my views, Samsung galaxy Y is a best popular android smarphone at India. You can also find another cheap for value for money android: Samsung Galaxy Mini.

Display & Design: This phone use a TFT capacitive touch screen display tech. display size is 320 x 480 pixels (3.2 inch) which can deliver ~180 ppi pixel density. But this display isn’t providing any special display like gorilla glass or Amoled technology.

This phone is 12.33 mm thin and a light weight, only 102.4 grams weight. This is the best pros of this phone.

Samsung Wave Y Review, Features, Price India, Pros Cons

Samsung Wave Y Processor features a single core 832 MHz cpu. There is no extra GPU in this phone. There is no Ram info available on this phone specs. The internal memory of this phone is very poor, its only 150mb. I think for low configuration processor, Ram and internal memory, this phone isn’t able to run with the android operating system.

Operating System: The operation system on this phone is bada v2.0 OS. This operating system is new and it is developed by Samsung. For more info about this phones OS, visit: bada v2.0 here. I think, android is the popular OS in the smartphone market in India, Canada, usa, uk and all over the world. But this phone isn’t run on android because of low hardware specs or this phone is designed for a bada v2.0 OS specially. Bada OS apps is not available till now as android apps on the market. For this phone’s low internal memory, huge apps are not able to install in this phone, if bada apps takes a good space.

Memory storage: This phones internal memory is only 150mb. 2 GB of external memory is (included) free with this phone. You can expand microsd memory up to 32GB.

Samsung Wave Y Camera is a 2 mega pixel camera with LED Flash and auto focus. Video camera is able to take video in 480×320 Pixels at 30 fps. There is no cheap smartphone camera of Samsung that take 30 frame per second video. There isn’t any front camera for 3g video calling or skype chat.

A GPS Support: A cheap phone deliver you a A GPS support. It is a better option/specs on this phone.

Samsung Wave Y Battery Life: This phone uses a 1200mAh battery. You can talk up to 6 hours 40 minute with this battery backup. But running internet or 3g, it cannot deliver a good battery life in this 1200mAh battery as a smartphone.

Sound Quality of this phone is good. the headphone sound is great as its price range. the loud speaker sound isn’t so loud but its very clear to listen music. you can also play with external device via its 3.5 mm audio jack. Htc Explorer sound quality is better because it uses a SRS sound tech.

Samsung Wave Y Pros and Cons:


1. A good 2 MP camera as a cheap price. Which can take 30 frame per second video.

2. Very light weight phone. The latest iphones weight is more than this smartphone. This is a best prose of this phone. Also this phone design is thin and attractive.

3. A GPS support

4. Average battery life.

6. best as a feature phone as a cheap price. Who don’t use various apps this phone as android, he can save money.

7. it works fast, easy to use.

8. Free 2 GB MicroSD Card with this phone


1. This phone isn’t running on a good operating system like android. So, a few apps and games is available for this smartphone. Bada OS cannot able to fulfill the appeal of a good smartphone advantage. This is the best cons/disadvantage of this phone.

2. Low configuration hardware.

3. Low internal memory (Only 150mb) and Ram

4. Smaller Touch screen

Samsung Wave Y Price in India: Rs.7,150/-

Price In USA=140 USD.

At the end of Samsung Wave Y Review: This phone is not able to use a good android games or apps for its low configuration. Bada isn’t a good os. It isn’t able to competition with android os. There are huge apps and games for android os in android market. But bada is specially designed for low configuration smartphone. Bada is for running simple apps like camera, text editor, another apps and simple games. If you have not need to better games and apps for your smartphone, you can buy Samsung Wave Y, then it save your money for useless apps and games. Bada is great for a feature phone for its fast speed, easy to use, good camera at a cheap price smartphone.